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Insurance agencies may frequently discover a better deal for your insurance dollar by analyzing multiple carriers than you can if you search on your own. The shopping is done by agents. You are the one who saves time and money.

Most insurance companies offer a discount if you bundle home and auto.

At a bare minimum, you need to carry the amount of car insurance required in your state. However, that likely won't be enough to protect you in a severe accident. Our knowledgeable team is great at tailoring a policy to cover your needs and give you peace of mind without overpaying.

Yes, people who don't own a car but who frequently use other people's vehicles can get a non-owner policy that provides basic liability coverage to make sure they are protected in an accident. A non-owner policy could also include other coverages like uninsured motorist coverage or Med Pay.

Your personal auto policy likely covers you in a rental car, your personal auto limits would carry over to your rented vehicle.

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