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 What does it cost? 

High risk business insurance is a specialized category of insurance, and its cost can vary based on the nature of the business, its size, location, and the extent of the risk involved. As a provider of high risk small business insurance, we understand the unique needs of your business and are committed to offering you competitive pricing, tailored to your specific circumstances.

 What Is High Risk Business insurance? 

High risk business insurance is a special type of coverage designed for businesses that operate in industries with a higher likelihood of incurring liabilities, damages or losses. Whether it’s due to the nature of the work, the materials handled, or the environments in which the business operates, these businesses need an insurance solution that understands and mitigates their unique risks.

 Who is it for? 

High risk business insurance is for businesses that face an elevated risk due to their industry, location, or history. This includes businesses in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and transportation, or businesses with a history of numerous insurance claims. High risk small business insurance caters specifically to smaller businesses in these high-risk categories.

 Why do you need it? 

In a volatile business world, high risk business insurance serves as a crucial safety net. It protects your business assets, reputation, and financial stability by covering potential losses or liabilities that might otherwise be financially devastating. Don’t leave your business exposed; invest in protection today.

 What does this insurance cover? 

High risk business insurance is designed to offer comprehensive protection against specific industry risks. Key coverages include:

  • Property Damage: Covers damage to your business property due to covered perils.
  • General Liability: Protects against claims for bodily injury and property damage.
  • Professional Liability: Covers claims arising from professional negligence or errors.
  • Workers Compensation: Protects employees who get injured on the job.
  • Product Liability: Covers lawsuits arising from product-related injuries or damages.

 What doesn't it cover? 

While comprehensive, certain exclusions apply to high risk business insurance:

  • Intentional Illegal Acts: Insurance does not cover actions that intentionally break the law.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Damage caused by routine use and aging is not covered.
  • War and Government Actions: Damages from war or government seizures are excluded.
  • Nuclear Hazard: Damages due to nuclear reactions or radiation are not covered.
  • Contractual Liabilities: Any liability or obligation under a contract is usually not covered.

 Does high risk insurance have a deductible? 

Yes, like most insurance policies, high risk business insurance also includes a deductible. This is the amount you agree to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in.

 Why Eichelmann Insurance Agency? 


We understand that finding the right insurance at an affordable price is crucial. That’s why we offer insurance options at competitive prices without compromising on the quality of service we provide. We work with you to find the best policy to fit your budget and ensure you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.


Our team is always dedicated to providing a professional and reliable service. We take pride in our highly trained agents, who have the experience and expertise to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the insurance process. We work with you to understand your needs and offer tailored solutions that meet your requirements.


We understand that navigating the insurance world can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a whole insurance process, handling everything from quotes to renewals. We take the time to explain the different types of insurance available and ensure that you understand the coverage you’re getting. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the right insurance to protect you and your loved ones.


Getting the right insurance should be easy and hassle-free. That’s why we’ve streamlined our processes to make it quick and straightforward to get a policy. We understand your time is valuable, so we work efficiently to provide you with the coverage you need as quickly as possible. With Eichelmann Insurance, you can trust that you’re getting the best coverage, at the best price, with the least stress.

 Still in doubt? 

At Eichelmann Insurance Agency, our expert insurance agents are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of high risk business insurance. Our personalized approach ensures you receive the coverage that best suits your business’s unique needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

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  • Comprehensive Protection: High risk business insurance offers broad coverage for unexpected incidents. It safeguards your business, covering everything from property damage to professional liabilities, providing peace of mind in uncertain situations.
  • Financial Security: In the event of a significant claim or lawsuit, high risk business insurance can be the difference between business survival and bankruptcy.
  • Reputation Management: A business's reputation is its most valuable asset. High risk business insurance helps manage and mitigate reputational damage that could arise from accidents, lawsuits, or publicized claims, helping you maintain your business's image and trustworthiness.
  • Employee Safety: High risk business insurance often includes workers' compensation, ensuring that your employees are protected if they get injured on the job.


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Just got my high risk business insurance from Eichelmann and I’m feeling so relieved! Their team made everything simple and straightforward, even here in Wichita Falls.

Shannon B.
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I never thought getting high risk business insurance in Frisco, Texas could be this easy. Eichelmann Insurance Agency was a game-changer. Their personal touch made all the difference.

James C.

Eichelmann Insurance Agency has been fantastic! Their understanding of high risk businesses really put my mind at ease. If you’re in Texas, these are your go-to insurance folks!

Cameron B.
Dallas TX

Finding high risk business insurance for my small business in Frisco was a daunting task until I found Eichelmann. Their professionalism and friendly service turned it into a breeze. Big thumbs up!

Frances W.
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