Condo Insurance

Serving Richardson, TX, condo insurance agents at our office help residents who own condos in the Richardson-Fort Worth metroplex find insurance policies that meet their specific needs. Condo owners need more protections than renters, who don’t own the place they live in, and homeowners, who often have additional structures on their property. If you either own or are making an offer on a condo in Richardson, here’s how our independent insurance agents can help you.

Finding the Right Coverages

Our insurance agents will help you decide which protections you’d like in a policy and how high you would like a policy’s limits to be. Some coverages that you might want to consider are:

  • protection for your condo and permanent fixtures (e.g. cupboards and doors)

  • protection for your personal belongings (e.g. glasses and clothing)

  • liability protection for yourself

  • medical payments coverages

Each policy that offers these coverages will detail the precise protection that they provide in the policy’s terms and conditions. Before signing up for a specific policy, our agents will go through the policy you’re considering to make sure its terms and conditions match the protections and limits you decided you want.

Finding the Right Rates

Often, our agents will find several policies that meet your criteria. When they do, they’ll next help you compare the rates for each policy, showing you which insurer is offering the lowest premiums on a condo insurance policy with the protection you want. Since all of our agents are independent, they can show you policies from any insurer in Texas.

If you own a condo in DFW and would like to explore your insurance options, contact us at Eichelmann Insurance Agency. We’ve helped many condo owners in the area find a policy that has the right coverages and the right rates, and we’re ready to help you. To reach one of our agents, contact our agents or request a quote on condo insurance.